ASAP Celebrates Young Writers with Celebrity Guests and Performances


Eliza Guchkova and Kaylee Alexson

ASAP is a creative arts organization that works to inspire kids.

One of their events, the celebration of young writers is a perfect example. The 13th annual celebration of young writers is a special event that showcases the work of young authors from across the state of Connecticut. Here, exceptional pieces are chosen through a blind judging process and then performed in front of a live audience.

ASAP wanted to inspire students creativity and therefore created the celebration of young writers. An event that’s sole purpose is to encourage written expression and inspiration in kids youth.

Sarah Lewis, a student writer, was a nominee for poetry.

She said, “With poetry, it’s a very free way of expressing yourself and your not really limited to a lot of the sort of constraints that sometimes more structured writing can imply. Young writers don’t often get a chance to present their works in a professional setting. But this really was an amazing night.”

Not only do kids get to perform their pieces in front of a live audience but as an added bonus, they get to meet with celebrity guests, like Senator Richard Blumenthal and Tom Leopold, most known for his role in writing for the hit show Seinfeld and Cheers.

According to Tom Leopold, writing has a powerful impact on young adults.

“I think it helps them make sense of what they go through,” he said. “It helps them sort of distill it and be able to handle and move on. I think that’s a good thing.

Writing does that, painting does that, music.” Writing can take you places you’ve never been before. Thanks to the Celebration of Young Writers, kids get a chance to embrace their creative talents.