One of Connecticut’s oldest farms thrives during the fall season


Maple Bank Farm, located in Roxbury Connecticut, is one of the nation’s oldest family-run farms, and they raise animals and support local businesses.

Not only do they provide for the community, but they also have a beautiful and welcoming environment.

People come from all over to buy locally produced foods and products while supporting their community. The farm has been growing in size and produces since the current owners, Howard and Kathy Bronson, took over.

“Well, we took over in 1980 when Cathy’s brother left the farm and Cathy is 8th generation and the farm was founded in 1730,” said Howard Bronson.

“The oldest part of the farm is about 55 acres here,” said Kathy Bronson. “We sell a lot of different kinds of vegetable here. Most any vegetable that can be grown in this area we grow.”

About 80% of everything that they sell at the stand is grown at Maple Bank Farm. They also have products from local authors and other farms. There is a multitude of reasons why people come over from all over the state to visit. Daryl Sorge, the farm stand manager stated, “We get a lot of families in here that are, you know, picking blueberries. Apple season is very, very busy. It’s very popular in the fall.”

Customers like Fred and Silvia Rich from Cheshire came to Maple Bank farm to enjoy the scenery and support their local produce. “Well we like to take rides out in the country at this time of the year,” said Fred Rich. “You know, it’s just nature and it’s beautiful and it’s outdoors. And we realize, you know, the efforts that people put into farming today.”

Maple Bank works hard to ensure that their food is at its best when sold. First, they grow the food at the farm and then transport it to the farmstand to have it cleaned and prepared to be sold.

“There are so many things on the farm that are extra special and it makes me choked up, watching lambs being born is really exciting,” said Kathy Bronson. “It’s nice to let the people know how important it is for us to see that farming continue on here.”

Maple Bank Farm is open  Tuesdays – Sundays 10-5:30 p.m.