Ski area draws residents from around Connecticut


Mt. Southington located in Plantsville, Connecticut, was once a dairy farm, but has now been transformed into a ski area enjoyed by people of all ages. It is the state’s only ski place that owns a machine cut halfpipe, but this is not the only attraction that makes them stand out. Their history and family-friendly environment drives people from all over the state.

The office and marketing manager, Brian McClusky, detailed the ski area’s history.

“It was a former dairy farm actually two families started the mountain 54 years ago and he found this property and purchased it and Mount Southington was born.”

People from all over the state come to enjoy day and night skiing, the state’s only machine cut halfpipe, and the beginner-friendly environment. George Santolla, the Assistant Manager at the rental shop, described his business.

“They come in to rent either snowboards or skis and we make sure they have the right equipment and we size them correctly and that they go out with the right stuff.”

Bailey Puebla, a snowboard instructor says that, “It’s a great beginner area it’s a good place to learn how to ski so we do have a lot of little kids and their parents that are coming to learn how to ski. We teach how to stand up, what is the board, and basically everything from strapping in to just standing up. It’s all mind over matter. It’s the point of going down an icy hill on a piece of plastic that you’ve never done before.”

But, Mt. Southington is not just for beginners, it’s also for the die-hard skier and snowboarder.

Brandon Beaudoen, a snowboard instructor, believes that Mt. Southington also appeals to the seasoned mountaineer.

“For the skiing and snowboarding community, everyone comes together and they enjoy the cold together. You get people coming when it’s negative degrees and they always have a smile on their face.”