Everyday Life of the Students at Shepaug During These Uncertain Times


The everyday life of students at Shepaug has changed since we came back to school full-time this past August. This year has brought many changes into the students’ everyday lives and made them adapt to a new school environment. Some of these changes include wearing face masks, social distancing, cleaning desks, not sharing your own materials with someone else and trying to be outside as much as possible.

Brooke Donaghey, a senior and student athlete at Shepaug, has accepted the new conditions of the new Covid environment. Over the course of the new school year, Brooke has learned that it is important to have in-person interactions with the teacher and other students. After being online for several months, she has found herself more focused without the distractions she would have at home. Coming back to school during the new Covid environment, there have been many new rules implemented and it has been very difficult for people to adapt.

“I have found it difficult to follow the rules because I am not used to staying six feet away from my peers and teachers. The masks are very difficult for me because of the barrier that they create while I am talking to my teachers and peers.”

Shepaug had to change to a block schedule to decrease the amount of contact between different students in different grades. The block schedule has created a way to only have four classes a day, but this also means everyone is in class for a longer period of time: two hours as opposed to the 57 minute classes that were typical.

“The block schedule has been difficult for me to adapt to me because now I have to sit in class for a longer period of time. But the advantage that this schedule has given me is that I get two days to do my work.”

Jakob Wild, another senior and student athlete at Shepaug, inspires people to try their best and not stress during these uncertain times. Starting senior year, Jakob was very overwhelmed with the new rules, starting his first fall sport, beginning senior projects and applying to colleges. Over time, he has been able to generate a positive attitude and mindset in this difficult time.

“One strategy I recommend is to take every day one day at a time and not focus on the small problems, but to look at the big picture at why you’re here in school and how it can help you.”

Samantha Williams, a senior at Shepaug, has always struggled with time management but this year has brought her the opportunity to manage her in a more effective manner. Samantha has been able to take this opportunity to better herself and evolve as a student.

“ I have been able to conserve my time better due to the new block schedule that was put in place for Covid.”

This year has brought many difficulties to many of the Shepaug students. But in Samantha’s case she finds it hard to follow the new rules of social distancing while being in school because she is used to not having to follow those rules in and out of school with her friends.

The daily life of students at Shepaug had drastically changed due to the impact that Covid 19 has had on the world, our students have adapted quickly to the new standards.