The New and Creative SVS Dramatics Production of 2020


In the face of all the new obstacles that the year 2020 has presented us, the SVS Theatre department has persevered and in the midst of it all found a creative way to present their newest play The Fall of 2020.

“Fall of 2020 is a comedic monologue show that is supposed to represent the overall feeling in quarantine. It was a way for people to find the good in a bad situation, as well as to give people a moment to breathe after all the crazy things that have happened this year.” Says Isabella Guzman, an actress in the fall production.

Isabella played 2 characters in the play: Victoria the time traveller and Florence, an old woman who believes she sees a ghost. “Each character is separate and has their own storyline.” Isabella explains “This is because we had to take social distancing into account during the production of this play, so our way around this issue was to give each actor their own storyline.”

There were quite a few differences between the plays that they normally do versus the one they did this year. Most of their plays never needed to have one person on stage at a time, which was very difficult for the actors and actresses during rehearsals. Limited interaction was another aspect of the normal routine that was impacted. Due to social distancing and having to wear masks for the duration of the rehearsal, many of the actors couldn’t communicate and discuss with their peers. However, considering all the new rules and obstacles in their way, this play was the perfect thing to get people’s mind off their worries.

“This production was drastically different than the ones I’ve participated in the years prior, but I’m very glad to have had the opportunity to be a part of the play. During this pandemic, I’ve noticed that the people a part of theatre, as well as all of Shepaug in general, are able to make the best out of difficult situations. The best part of this experience was to do it with the people I love and care about.”