World Language Students head to Quebec


Students who take French as their world language class were presented with the opportunity to take a trip to Quebec. We have some brief thoughts on that very cold but exciting trip.


One of our staff, James Dowling-Ukers, was a part of the trip and provided insight how it was beneficial to his learning of French.  “I feel like it was (beneficial) because I saw how people really used French to communicate … I could improve upon my ability because I saw and heard the correct French words used in grammatically correct sentences.  I enjoyed it because I was able to see French culture, I’ve learned so much about in the real world and was able to enjoy it much more based off of my learning in French.”


Another student who went on the trip to Quebec commented “I do think that the trip was beneficial to our learning of French as it is extremely helpful to get acclimated and exposed to authentic French accents and how they are paced. Also putting students in a real-life scenario or transactions that would be used in more of a day-to-day basis is helpful to use our language skills in a more applicable and useful manner. I enjoyed the trip to Quebec. It was a nice time to decompress from school work and spend quality time with my friends. I formed closer relationships with some people and I enjoyed being subjected to different cultures. It was an enriching trip with lots of new experiences and I would definitely go again.”


Although the students and chaperones were exposed to record cold temperatures, it appears they had an exceedingly fun-filled and meaningful trip.