Gilmore Girls Fan Fest brings thousands to Washington Depot


Fans congregate around Washington Depot in hopes of siting their favorite actors from the television series Gilmore Girls

On Saturday, October 24, 2016, thousands gathered to celebrate the Gilmore Girls Fan Festival in Washington CT. Food trucks dotted Washington Depot while the show’s actors came and spoke about the making of the film in the main tent. Cast appearances included Bill Yeager, Vanessa Marano, Aris Alvarado, and many others. The main tent was surrounded by fans who were eager to meet the actors of the famed show.

Outside the main tent, visitors got to enjoy many other activities. Mike Gadnolfi, the writer of the critically acclaimed sitcom series Roseanne, and ‘Andrew’ from show Gilmore Girls, signed books at the Hickory Stick Book Shop. A line of enthusiastic fans wrapped around the building for the signings.  An interactive food demo was given by Kristi Carlson, author of “Eat Like A Gilmore”, and a cake tasting was held at the Washington Food Market. Restaurants around Washington were packed with hungry fans.

Overall, the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest was fun for all and a great opportunity for Washington Connecticut.