Seniors take on Final Presentations

During the week of May 22, 2017, Shepaug seniors raced back and forth through the school halls viewing and delivering presentations. This was Senior Project week. These presentations were the culmination of an entire year’s worth of work, summed up into 45 minute lectures, exhibitions and demonstrations.

Stakes were high, as much of their final grades rested on their efforts and performances, but they delivered with pride, energy and commitment. Check out some of the photos from this year’s phenomenal Senior Project presentations.

ABOVE: Ralph Caprilozzi displays a photo gallery for his Senior Project titled “Abstract Photography”


ABOVE: Lars Vikstrom showcases his Pukko knives, a Scandinavian knife known for its’ use during the Winter War. He learned how to hand forge and sharpen these knives.


ABOVE: Dylon Cuhna shows off his 1981 Cub Cadet which her refurbished for his Senior Project


ABOVE: Josh Jordan showcases his blacksmithing abilities in his Senior Project “Journey to becoming a Journeyman Blacksmith”