Field Trips Benefit Student Learning

Field Trips Benefit Student Learning

Imre Mancini, Bram Gattie, and Maya Jacob

Shepaug students and teachers find field trips valuable learning experiences and hope to go on more in the upcoming school years.

“Learning needs to happen outside the classroom not just inside,” says Mrs. Pitt, a teacher at Shepaug Valley School. “Field trips are great opportunities that let students see real world skills in action.”

To help students prepare for the outside world they need to interact with it first hand. This is exactly why teacher Mrs. Pitt believes students should be able to go on more field trips.

Recently, classes traveled to Fenway Park to partake in Video Production Night with the Red Sox, Bruins and New England Patriots production teams. This trip gave students an opportunity to talk to broadcasters and hear about their experiences in the profession. It was a valuable learning experience, and helped students connect what they were learning in the classroom to the real world.

“The students were able to see how a real world, live studio works” says Mrs. Pitt. “It got them excited about the future.”

For example, it is typical for students to yawn when they hear the name Shakespeare. However, Mr. Perachi, the dean of students and athletic director at Shepaug has children enrolled at the school. His son recently went on a field trip to go see A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He stated that, “[my son] said that it was a fun and funny trip”.

Shepaug students have gone on many field trips in the past years. Some include the White House Student Film Festival, Lake Compounce and even Disney World. On these previous field trips, Shepaug students represented their school appropriately. “Shepaug students are usually very well behaved, and don’t ever act out dramatically,” said Mr. Perachi.

Overall, field trips are valuable learning experiences and let students interact with the real world. They are also a great way to tie together course studies. What field trips would you as a parent, student or staff member like to see Shepaug students go on this school year? Leave a comment below!