Angevine Farm – Over 50 Years of Holiday Tradition


Cazden Brenner and Luchino Romano

Picking out a Christmas tree is a holiday tradition for many families. Some families buy artificial trees, while others choose pre-cut trees from their local fire station. However, nothing compares to the experience of cutting down your own at a good ole’ fashion tree farm.

Angevine farm was founded in 1868 in Warren Connecticut, and for the last 50 years, families from around the area have been coming to celebrate the holiday season by cutting down their own Christmas trees.

“This has been a family tradition going back as far as I can remember” said Jake Kehrley, a long-time customer of Angevine Farm.  “I remember getting into the car with my mom and dad, and I knew that was the start of the Holiday Season.”

Cutting down your own tree is not the only fun thing to do at Angevine. You can indulge yourself with hot cocoa, fresh apple cider, or enjoy a barn filled to the brim with locally-made ornaments and holiday cheer.