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The Spartan Chronicle is off to a great start this year. There are several returning members, and a lot of new freshman!

The journalism club has high hopes for the program. Writers no longer feel compelled to stick within one genre of writing and are free to submit articles as they please. With the implementation of an online paper, writers have experienced a subtle release of pressure. They now feel as though they can write when they feel compelled and not under a specific deadline as with the printed version of the paper. This allows for writers to craft pieces when something truly intrigues them rather than writing for the sake of meeting a deadline.

Under facilitator Breanne Pitt, The Spartan Chronicle has teamed up with the video club and the digital media communications and broadcast journalism classes. This partnership brings not only articles to the site, but news video segments which helps to attract a lively, younger audience. These video segments and traditional articles cover a wide array of topics – from book reviews to school sports!

This year is an exciting opportunity for the Region 12 community to see The Spartan Chronicle flourish. Having undergone a multitude of 21st century changes, the paper is ready to embrace this year’s output of creative student work on a digital platform.

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About The Spartan Chronicle